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Goals for 2010

I can honestly say I had a great 2009. We took two decent vacations and over a dozen mini vacations. I enjoyed the Oregon coast, Disneyland twice, Knottsberry farm, Great America, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Enchanted Forrest, Oregon Zoo, OMSI and various other interesting places and things to do. Even coming out of the year with year round passes to Disneyland that will probably save us several hundred dollars in 2010.

Not bad for a freelancing poor web guy. Now is the time where I stop looking back on all this awesomeness just long enough to set my goals for 2010. Life has to have goals and challenge or I just wouldn’t feel alive. Now I scream my life’s ambitions into the storm of the coming year…and all that philosophical garbage.

I did good in 2009 as a freelancer. In 2010 I will do good as an internet marketer. I made a couple thousand dollars in 2009 as an affiliate marketer. I will make a year’s wages in a single month at least once in 2010. I took at least one trip every month through spring and summer of 2009. I will take vacations in 2010 that I haven’t even dreamed up.

I’ll put those in my list of broad goals. Specific goals would be…

  • six figure profit in PPC
  • learn media buys
  • build 20 niche ecommerce sites
  • build a real blog the right way
  • quit freelancing and go full time IM

Some of the list is actually pretty easy. Building the niche sites and blog is just a matter of doing it. PPC and media buys will take care of the full time IM thing as well. They could also cover all of my broad goals. So this huge list of goals could be conquered by mastering PPC and using it to build a budget large enough to master media buys. Doesn’t sound too bad eh?

To your success,



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PenniesA couple of my sites use Adsense as one of the forms of monetization. It was easy enough to add the code and style the goofy looking ad boxes to not look so ugly and gave me a way to test what kinds of traffic I was really getting. “Cool” says I.

After months and wildy fluctuating CTRs there is really only one thing I’m sure of. I’m sure that every month I’ll see a few pennies in Adsense revenue, at the very least, from the cost per 1,000 impressions payout. My overall clickthrough rate is over .4% but only because I get someone actually interested in the ads every once in awhile. Pay per click is actually very decent at least but sometimes I have to wait over a month to get those couple of clicks.

Where does this leave my retirement? Using CNN Money’s When Will You Be a Millionaire calculator I entered my income in at $1 per year (the minimum) and opted out of as much of the tax calculations that I could. Entering 5% as my annual growth and submitting gave me 236 years and 8 months. Must have done something wrong?! That’s definately not right. I’m guessing I would be lucky to hit $300 in 236 years.

Turns out it is right…I think. That 5% rate of growth gets pretty powerful after about 100 years. All I need to do to hit millionaire status is hold out for a bit under 240 years. I find that strangely comforting. I’m getting one of those “I’m closer than I thought” moments out of this.

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Every morning between the hours of 4AM and 6AM I wake up. The birds usually aren’t singing. The alarm clock is not making it’s typical racket and I amĀ  most certainly not waking up on purpose. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment or duplex you probably already know where I’m going here…

There is a 2 year old next door that has invented his own little language. He loves to gallop through the neighboring apartment…back and forth…screaming in his native language. The galloping actually manages to shake our bed. I can’t help but be somewhat impressed actually. The kid manages to make a lot of noise for his size and age. I wonder if he’ll be able to get up that early when he has to go to school.

My wife is not impressed. Sometimes it’s actually her hissing that wakes me up. You don’t want to wake her up…ever. Seriously, let her wake up when she wants to. A couple of mornings I thought she was going to throw her body through the wall and engage our neighbors in mortal combat.

Good news is, if we manage to get back to sleep, the kid will actually go out onto the porch near our bedroom window and start “fixing things” with what must be a little Bob-the-builder hammer or something. That way we will never miss our “wake up call”.

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And so I blog…

First I was in manufacturing, head full of big ideas and imagination always running full throttle. I was never able to understand why work had to be so dull. After years of getting up every morning before the birds and other wildlife I began to put my master plan into action. I wanted to be my own boss and work from home.

Sounds all fine and such. “Easy enough”, you say. I had programmed for years so my first phase completed itself in the form of freelance programming. I learned to bid on various projects many times based around open source software. At that point, I could officially call myself a web developer and consultant.

Great! After years doing freelance work I began to want the next phase in my master plan. Total and complete pseudo retirement. No more money worries and complete free time. The free time I already enjoy somewhat at the moment but money just about always worries me.

As much as I love programming, over the years it has become work. Some days I can’t even stand to look at my laptop. Phase 2 for me then…need to bring in a few thousand dollars a month in pure, automated income.

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