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As of late I’ve been trying different stuff on Adwords, Yahoo SEM, Facebook and a couple of other places. No Adcenter yet but I’ll get there.

Apparently the name of the PPC game is to just keep trying things. I feel my brain absorbing bits of information that I can’t readily identify. The fact that I don’t know exactly what I’m learning is a little crazy but whatever it is it’s translating into better results over time. It’s making a difference in finding offers, landing pages and impressions/clicks.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a conversion through PPC but I’m trying new stuff so I expected this. I’m getting much better CTR due to improving creativity in my ad writing and a campaign this morning is getting about 25% of the visitors to the last order page. I’m hoping that a percentage of these will actually turn to conversions some time today. The click throughs are all minimum bid so I could probably run this for awhile to see if it can be profitable.

All in all, I can’t help but be excited about all this. I have a good amount of online technical skill and I know how to use the interfaces for all these PPC search engines…including most of the advanced settings. I have software for keyword research and campaign building ready and source for finding good traffic streams.

I can’t help but feel I will be successful at some point. I’m trying to go for negative optimism to make sure I’ll keep trying if I end up without results after a year. Even from that mindset I can’t help but feel much closer.


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