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I believe that one day soon we will be able to enjoy indefinite lifespans. We will live lives not really in danger of ending due to natural causes where we can continue to learn and experience life. Some would say “Why?” but I still have a lot of life left to experience. I don’t think another 50 years or so will cut it for me.

Wikipedia has a bunch of interesting information on indefinite lifespan.

Immortality is a concept often found in old stories and legends. What always struck me funny is that immortals could be killed through various means. What I’m talking about is indefinite lifespan…a concept of not being able to die of old age. So as long as you managed to not die in a car wreck or of some other non-natural cause you would be able to live on indefinately.

I believe in the case of indefinite lifespan we would probably retain the body of someone fully matured and in the prime of life. If a lifespan is really to be indefinite it would mean there would be no loss of efficiency in the way the body replicates cells and handles waste so none of the effects of aging we’re used to seeing.

Another interesting thing is that the brain may very well continue to develop well into middle age. This makes me wonder if having the prime of life body that may be maintainable under conditions of indefinite lifespan will give us huge opportunities for expanded learning and understanding. Check this Bloggingthebrain.com post. What if, in a state of indefinite lifespan, the human mind never stopped developing?

Have you ever noticed how every goofball old in Startrek can run complex mathematical calculations based on physics in their heads in a couple of seconds? What if we are capable of this given the proper time to develop our minds?

For the actual possibility and hope of indefinite lifespan I leave you with a link to a post at singularity2050.com concerning actuarial escape velocity…a term you may recognize from the link to wikipedia near the start of this post.

Actuarial escape velocity basically refers to the point in time that the average human lifespan increases by more than one year within one year. At that point in time even if your life expectancy is only 90 years you will never hit 90 years before your life expectancy is way past that point. In theory, you should be able to live indefinitely until technologies like nanotechnology and stem cell research can literally revive your damaged cells.

It’s important not to forgot what kind of impact this may have on our global economy and over population though. More on that at another time.


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